Wings & Stings July Picks

Wings & Stings July Picks

Last month we featured a very small selection of our favorites from the Wings & Stings challenge prior to the final judging that will be announced by August 1st. We wanted to select some more pieces for you to take a closer look at!

To recap how the contest works:

On May 31, 2021, 47 entries for our first MOB Challenge: Wings & Stings were chosen by our panel of judges to move to the final round of judging that will determine the winners of the following prizes:


  • Grand prize - $500 cash prize plus $500 Caravan Beads Gift Certificate
  • Best of category (5 prizes, one in each category) - $300 Caravan Beads Gift Certificate
  • Judges Choice (1 from each judge from any category) - $150 Caravan Beads Gift Certificate

    There will also be a People’s Choice Award. This award will be decided after the opening of the exhibition as it will be chosen by votes during the Grand Opening Gala and museum attendees. The prize is a $150 Caravan Beads Gift Certificate.


    All 47 entries will be exhibited at the Museum of Beadwork for our grand opening exhibition in 2022.


    Click the link here to see the complete list of names of artists and a gallery of all 47 entries. Please keep in mind it's up to our judges to determine the winners of prizes in August (and the People's Choice award later). 


    Here are some more pieces that we wanted to share some the beautiful details up close and personal. 


    These images are property of the Museum of Beadwork. Please do not use without permission and image credit.


    Life on the Wing

    Katharine Claringbould

    16 x 20 inches unframed, 16.5 x 20.5 framed.

    "Made from Miyuki beads, a small number of other beads and rhinestones, using epoxy sculpt as the adhesive onto wooden substrate. The piece is made on a 2D surface with a number of 3D elements, for example the body of the butterfly is 3D as are the swirls. Monarch butterflies come to my backyard every summer, and I love watching them throughout their lifecycle. this piece represents their fragility and strength. The swirls are the air currents flowing around them, which they successfully navigate for thousands of miles and the background color represents the pollen they need to survive."


    Scarabaeus Ignis

    Suzanne Van Baarsen

    47 x 11 cm.

    "Usually insects give me the creeps, but there is one insect symbol that has been intriguing me since my teenage obsession with ancient Egypt: the Scarab. This piece is inspired by the scarab with sun disc, its wings remind me of those of a firebird (hence ‘ignis’ in the title, which is Latin for fire; both are symbols for eternal life and rebirth). This piece can be both worn as a necklace and hung on the wall. Hanging it on the wall also refers to the act of pinning insects into boxes as part of the science of entomology."


    Queen Bee

    Rose Rushbrooke

    Base 8 x 8 inches, 6 inches high.

    "Madam Queen Bee leaves her 3 hives with her swarm. Bead embroidery and weaving. Materials: Glass seed beads, Czech pressed glass, various cabochons, Delicas, and copper wire."


    Hat with Dragonfly

    Michèle Grosse

    30 x 21 cm

    "Hat made with Miyuki beads and a few others."

    Stay tuned and visit our Exhibitions page for the full gallery of the submissions, and keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the prize winners in August! Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for this contest, you are amazing.

    - Museum of Beadwork, 7/6/2021.

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