Kristina Skillin MSc, Director / Co-Founder

Kristina Skillin, Director and Co-founder of the Museum of Beadwork, is an artist, archeologist, and historian who traces the human narrative to connect historical practices to the development of technologies and products throughout humanity’s history. As a professionally trained artist and scientist she engages diverse audiences through the creation of art and adornment, microscopy-based research, and by co-founding the Museum of Beadwork; one goal of which is to show the connection and interconnection of peoples through the common human practice of ornamentation and design. She holds two B.A.s in Metals and Jewelry, and Classical Languages, as well as a M.Sc. from the University of Aberdeen in Archaeology.

Heather Kahn, Founder

Heather was inspired to found the Museum of Beadwork during a visit to Seattle. As one of the family owners of Caravan Beads, Heather has spent more than 30 years building a comprehensive knowledge of beadweaving, bead-embroidery and other types of beaded artwork. Her designs have been published in Beadwork Magazine, made into kits, and sold as finished jewelry. In 2008 she founded Chrononaut Mercantile, a costume-inspired clothing company, with her partner Jeff Witkavitch. Heather is a graduate of Smith College. Her diverse interests include cooking, ninjutsu, reading and classical violin.

Courtney Levy, Head of Graphic Design

Courtney is a lifelong artist and crafter. She holds a B.A. in Painting and Hispanic Studies from the University of Southern Maine. Over the past nine years she has built up a repertoire of bead weaving techniques while working and teaching classes at Caravan Beads. For five years she has worked as a professional graphic designer illustrating advanced tutorials, exploring brand identity and honing her design sense. Her background in painting, love of crafting, and experience in graphic design have expanded her creative vision and informed her unique perspective.

Paul Fidalgo, Communications Consultant

Paul Fidalgo is former editor of Free Inquiry magazine. He has worked in nonprofit and advocacy communications for almost two decades, including serving ten years as communications director of the Center for Inquiry. He holds a master’s degree in political management from George Washington University, and his writing has appeared in outlets such as CNN, USA Today, Religion News Service, Dark Mountain, Skeptical InquirerFriendly Atheist, and Android Police. Paul is also a professional actor, musician, and director who has performed with companies such as the American Shakespeare Center, Fenix Theater, and Schoolhouse Arts, and directed several productions for the University of New England's UNE Players.