About the Museum


The Museum of Beadwork is the collaborative vision of Heather Kahn and Kristina Skillin. Its purpose is to create an exhibition area for beaded artwork, form an artistic community and provide a center of learning. The Museum of Beadwork showcases beaded artwork by housing and displaying the finest examples of beaded jewelry, clothing, sculpture, accessories, and tapestries as well as the work of contemporary artists.

Our ongoing exhibitions will present information on beadwork styles from all over the globe, the historic development of beads throughout human history, highlights of modern bead making processes, as well as an extensive representations of beadwork. The museum will also have a classroom area with an exciting array of workshops, classes, and events.

We are currently in the process of renovating the gallery space for our new museum. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed back our opening timeline, with your help, the Museum of Beadwork will open its doors in August of 2023. Your support will help us bring the Museum of Beadwork to life so please consider donating here, or contact us for other offerings. 

Please check back often for updates and progress, or join our email list at the bottom of the page to get the news as it happens.