Join us in our annual Collaborative Community Project!
How it works: Each year we ask artists to contribute a beaded item of a specific theme. We install these collected items in an exhibition highlighting the power of people coming together for the purpose of community and creation. The exhibition is then on display for roughly a year. Once finished, the individual items are used in fundraising efforts for the Museum supporting the staff, development, and programs of this community-based institution. 
**Deadline ended June 30th, 2023**
The theme 2023 is "Grandifolia" and we would like you to make and send us a beaded leaf that will be part of an installation exhibit in our gallery. We will be creating branches that all the leaves will be wired/attached to and then use those to form a canopy or tree. Help us create a canopy of leaves for all visitors to gather under!
We invite you, no matter your experience, style, or technique, to make a leaf and send it to us.
  • Leaves can be anywhere between 2” in any direction to 12” in any direction
  • As the leaves will be wired to branches in all directions, 3-Dimensional is best, but we are not discouraging 2D as long as they do not fold under their own weight. 
  • Use of an armature, framework, or solid structure to bead upon is acceptable.
  • Each leaf needs to have a sturdy “stem” (example; wire) protruding beyond the beadwork. This is how we will attach them to the branches we are creating for the installation.
  • Found materials are acceptable but we ask that the leaves are at least 70% beads.
  • No color requirements.
  • Single leaves, clusters, or even vines are great. From trees, shrubs, annuals/perennials, or the imagination is perfect.
  • Original designs only. Due to copyrights that some patterns have, we must require that designs are created by you or that you have express permission to use them for this project.
  • Feel free to send us as many as you like. In fact, the more the better!
Please mail them to us no later than June 30th, 2023.
When mailing, please include:
  • Your leaves.
  • Your name, town/state/country, and age (if you wish to share).
  • Whether or not you would like to be listed as a contributing artist.
  • Mail to:
    Museum of Beadwork
    915 Forest Avenue
    Portland, ME 04103
The final installation will largely depend on how many individual leaves we receive. 
* Fine print, please read!
Upon receiving, the leaves become the property of the Museum of Beadwork. They are intended to be on display at the Museum of Beadwork as an installation for roughly a year before becoming part of an annual fundraising effort for the MOB. Individual leaves will not be returned. 
All submissions to this project become the full property of the Museum of Beadwork and can be used by that institution in any lawful way including (but not limited to) publicity, marketing, exhibitions, sale, etc. in perpetuity. All proceeds resulting from this project will go to support the Museum of Beadwork and its mission.
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