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Words from our Founder

Words from our Founder 1

Imagine a little girl with brown hair, plated into two braids. She is four and half years old and very short for her age. She is looking up at a do...
  • Heather Kahn
You're A Liar

You're A Liar 3

Rose Rushbrooke is a serial artist. Everything that goes around comes around. She wrote her first published piece when at school nearly sixty years ago. She is writing again. Along the way, she mastered more than one creative medium. From painting gouache pictures in her Caribbean studio to designing and stitching textiles, to weaving tiny glass beads together here in America. She was born in London, England, lived in the Caribbean for fifteen years of her life, and her American husband imported her to the USA in 1996. She is a serial traveler.
  • Heather Kahn
Gallery Renovations in Progress

Gallery Renovations in Progress 5

We have been working long and hard to build the museum of our dreams. What started out as the dream of our founders Heather Kahn and Kristina Skillin, has been shaped by a community of artists, beaders, hobbyists, and more.
  • Heather Kahn

2022 Annual Report 0

  • Heather Kahn
Christopher Venn & The Beaded Dress Project.

Christopher Venn & The Beaded Dress Project. 8

My name is Christopher Venn, I'm 45 years old and I'm a full-time carer to my wife. I've been beading for about 3 years and I fell into it almost by accident. 
  • Heather Kahn
Conversations with the Artist Lynne Sausele

Conversations with the Artist Lynne Sausele 1

Lynne Sausele has spent her career as an artist with a constant passion to create and innovate in whatever medium she is working in. Her art education at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston was one that encouraged exploration and the freedom of discovery. That model has stayed with her during a career spanning jewelry design and production, ceramics, printmaking, fine art painting, and beaded sculpture and jewelry.
  • Heather Kahn