The Museum of Beadwork's collection of tapestries includes 2-dimensional artwork which is generally framed, mounted, or entirely constructed by beadweaving. These pieces represent many cultures and showcase beaded embroidery and beadweaving techniques.

Traditional woven tapestries were often pictorial representations of stories or iconic moments, true or fictional. As industrial beadmaking progressed, fully beaded tapestries became more common. At the same time all forms of tapestry began including political and cultural statements, in addition to decorative or historical themes.

Apple: Snow White and The Seven Dwarves by Noriko Yasui

Motif Tapestry, African
Late 20th c

Sagittarius by Keiko Koyama

White Rabbit of Inaba by Taeko Matoba

Columbus Day by Nicholas Heller

Dryad Spirit by Kimry Perrone