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Beads: A Brief Peek into Prehistory 0

Beads have been an integral part of human adornment since the dawn of time and can tell us a myriad of stories about our beliefs, practices, and movements across the globe. 

Conversation with the Artist: Sweetieboosh 0

Sweetieboosh is a mixed media artist from Long Beach, California, who is known for using discarded hunting mounts, furs, sequins, and a wide range of other found objects to create magical, sometimes bizarre, and captivating sculptures. Join us as Sweetieboosh talks us through the emotional process of making art.

Conversation with the Artist: Demetri Broxton 0

Demetri Broxton is a mixed media artist of Louisiana Creole and Filipino heritage who was born and raised in Oakland, CA. His textile sculptures reflect his connection to the sacred art of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, the beading traditions of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians, and his love of hip hop and graffiti.

Conversation with the Artist: Sherry Serafini 13

Conversation with the Artist: Sherry Serafini In today's conversation, we sit down with Sherry Serafini, an internationally recognized bead artist,...
  • Heather Kahn