Our permanent collections are separated into 5 categories: Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Sculpture, and Tapestry. Our collections will showcase the finest examples of beaded artwork from an array of artists, cultures, styles, and traditions. 

The Museum of Beadwork is intended to be a collaborative, multicultural, and educational space that is open to exploring themes that invoke dialogue and conversation. Our collections will serve as a way to explore the world of beading through a range of perspectives, identities, and ethnicities. The objects we exhibit are intended to expand and question the ways we see art, ourselves, and the possibilities of storytelling from beaded artwork. Some objects may appear ordinary, and some extraordinary, but each will have a story to tell. 

One of our goals is to have our collection database accessible online when we open our doors in 2022. To be part of this exciting process, visit our Support page and join our email list to get news on progress, events, and opportunities.

Accessories  Clothing Jewelry Sculpture Tapestry